I am Dialeck, or Dialek, or really whatever works for you. I will not be revealing my age, gender, or anything else aboout my identity.

This is my website where I will be talking about whatever I want, I will have many topics here, but it will usually involve what I find interesting.

My goal is to create my own personal penthouse after my animosity towards 99% of the internet became unbearable. And maybe learn some CSS while I'm at it.

My Inspirations: i-mockery.com, MSPA Adventures, seanbaby, monkeyshit.com, platupuscomix, zombietime, zomboscloset, The League of Tana Tea Drinkers

Without further adue,

Welcome to the Den

Coming Attractions

Music Recomendations

Let's start with what I'm into right now.

There's this type of music, similar to swing, rock, and psychobilly. I call it swingabilly for short. Here are a few artists that fall into those labels

It has come to my attention that this type of music is usually called cabaret, or dark cabaret if you want to be specific.

Here's some punk/hardcore/post-hardcore bands that I like.

This webpage was made on April 13 2021

Last Updated: 4/20/2021


"No matter how bad it gets, ignorance will never be a virtue"