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If you can't already tell, I'm a big fan of the web comic Homestuck.

For for over half a decade I've tried to unravel and apreciate all of its complexities. But now I want to put everything I've found everything useful in one place.

What is Homestuck?

I'm glad you asked! Homestuck is, or now was, a comic hosted solely on the web and took every advantage of remaining unbound by the limits of print.

It was writen and illustrated by Andrew Hussie, who had made three story based comics before, the most notable being Problem Sleuth.

Problem Sleuth is notable because it was actually finished, and only a year after it stated. But that's not the most important thing about it.

The most important thing is that it was driven by the suggestions of its readers.

Andrew would take these suggestions and twist and turn them into a mind bending, but hilarious, narritive.

He had masted this format with Problem Sleuth, but now it was time for a new comic, Homestuck

Homestuck is a comic about four kids

John Egbert

Rose Lalonde

Dave Strider

Jade Harley

and their interations with each other and the world.

Unfortuantlly, the world is about to end

You see, there been this strange new game that's finally come out called SBURB, it's been released as a beta which all four kids are eager to play.

And well, I'd tell you more but... I've already said too much. Homestuck is a comic best read unspoiled.

Essenctial Fan Resources


The Official way to read Homestuck and other MSPA adventures.


The most comprehensive collection of everything related to Homestuck, both official and unofficial.

HomestuckXYZ Forums

The old MSPA Forums are dead, so give this a try.

Homestuckresources Masterlist

Exactly what it says, the masterlist for homestuck resourses. You can find pretty much anything in here.

Unoffical Homestuck Collection

The ultimate preservation of Homestucks old flash files and so, so much more. Requires download!

MSPA Adventures Archive

A fan made archive of the old MSPA site.


Another online archive, but this one is more straght forward and requires no download.

Bladekindeyewear's Theory List

Indepth theories on Homestuck and its internal mechanisms.

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