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Is this a top level heading?

In drama, where a character speaks to themselves, representing their inner thoughts or feelings and in the process relaying them to the audience (but not to other characters.)
In drama, where a character speaks their thoughts out loud to share them with the audience and any other characters present.
In drama, where a character shares a comment only with the audience for humorous or dramatic effect. This is usually a feeling, thought, or piece of additional background information.

Article heading

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Another subsection

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Ron was backed into a corner by the marauding netherbeasts. Scared, but determined to protect his friends, he raised his wand and prepared to do battle, hoping that his distress call had made it through.

Meanwhile, Harry was sitting at home, staring at his royalty statement and pondering when the next spin off series would come out, when an enchanted distress letter flew through his window and landed in his lap. He read it hazily and sighed; "better get back to work then", he mused.

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