Jean Delville - Symbolist Painter

Parsifal (1890)

Mysteriosa (1892)

The Angel of Splendor (1894)

The Treasures of Satan (1895)

Orphius (1896)

The School of Plato (1898)

The Love of Souls (1900)

Prometheus (1907)

Force (1914)

Sur l’autel de la patrie (1918)

The Liberation (1936)

Strength (1940)

The daemon said that he would take me home

To the pale, shadowy land I half recalled

As a high place of stair and terrace, walled

With marble balustrades that sky-winds comb,

While miles below a maze of dome on dome

And tower on tower beside a sea lies sprawled.

Once more, he told me, I would stand enthralled

On those old heights, and hear the far-off foam.

All this he promised, and through sunset’s gate

He swept me, past the lapping lakes of flame,

And red-gold thrones of gods without a name

Who shriek in fear at some impending fate.

Then a black gulf with sea-sounds in the night:

“Here was your home,” he mocked, “when you had sight!”

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